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Battle-tested templates for marketers that are optimized to stand the test of time and different hats a marketer needs to put on.

Marketer’s Toolkit includes 4 essential templates that will make you a better marketer and you’ll be waltzing through your daily tasks in no time. I’ve been using these templates throughout my time as a consultant, creator and full-time director of marketing, testing them through all kinds of scenarios and team sizes.

Content Planner, Analytics Dashboard, CRM, Swipe File and Goals Tracker are absolute must-haves for every marketer. Non-negotiable.

Growing and succeeding in your career starts with a streamlined process and smart planning.


Template 1: Content Planner

I don't think any marketer, content creator or team that creates content regularly would disagree that a content planner is an absolute must.

In a world with so many different content formats and channels for distribution, you can't not have a content planner. You can use it to plan your content, draft it, insert relevant links, identify channels of distribution, get SEO and other details in, link visuals, assign team members to collaborate with you and more.

I use a content planner for my personal channels, as well as for my FT job and I don't think anyone can efficiently create content unless they have a system to track it.

I typically use it in a board or list view and have an optional calendar view to see the bigger picture over the course of the week or month.

A best practice to be consistent with content is to create an ideas section or tag in your planner and fill it up with things that you want to revisit or explore more later on. As soon as I have an idea, I make sure to put it down - even if it is super silly. Better than feeling stuck or forgetting my ideas when they're needed.

Template 2: Analytics Dashboard

This is often the most overlooked thing for marketers and probably the most requested thing from senior leadership.

If you're not tracking, how will you ever know if something is working, right?

Data is a way to see what's working and to determine your next steps, but it is also your chance to show your work to your clients or your boss.

Evidence that things are working, not working and what you plan to do about it.

What I do every month is fill in my analytics dashboard and then write up a short recap to share with my direct manager.

The framework I follow to build the narrative is:

1) overview of what happened last week/month

2) key insights & learnings

3) key stats

4) actions for next week/month

Template 3: Swipe File Template

This is a habit that changed my life forever and for the better. I don't know what I did before I knew I could do this.

I've talked about my love for swipe files many times (1, 2) and even made a video about it.

If you have a bunch of random bookmarks on your browser, Linkedin, Twitter and other websites... Or a bunch of screenshots you took through your internet discoveries... (and who doesn't?) You need a swipe file.

Stop making your digital space a mess and saving things that you'll end up forgetting about anyway.

Swipe file is a central hub where you collect your inspirations and noteworthy resources for a later date. You set it up once, add your inputs there as you come across things you want to keep track of and it gives back to you for a lifetime. OK I'm exaggerating, but only a little.

It will boost your productivity by 10x and this time I'm not exaggerating.

Template 4: CRM

A CRM is a contact database which you can customize for a multitude of use cases. It can be for your partnerships, customers, community members or even team (if you work with a large team I can see this being helpful).

Essentially, it is a tool to keep track of your contacts and your interactions with each contact. Doing this makes you more efficient and intentional with your touch points and can help to track the outputs of your conversations.

Most companies have advanced CRM tools to track sales conversations. For this case, I'm more so referring to the CRM database for my contacts and partnerships. This has also been significantly helpful to make sure I'm on top of the last conversation I had with a particular person, and action items, and I can take a look at the history of my connection to give me context.

Bonus Template: 30-60-90 Day Plan

As soon as you start a new job or take on a new client, the immediate expectation is to come up with a 30-60-90 day plan.

I created a simple but effective template to enter my goals in January and my boss loved it.

If you're ever in need to create a plan for yourself, having a template should save you from the challenge of how to make it presentable and also useful to track progress.

Level up your work with the Marketer's Toolkit.

I've been referred to as the 'master of templates' too many times in my career and so I hope these make your life 10x easier too!

Onwards and upwards! 🚀

👉 Once you complete checkout on Gumroad, you will get access to the Notion link. Make the templates your own and get moving!

P.S. If you suggestions or ideas for new resources & templates, hit me up on Twitter or Linkedin.

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Content Planner, Swipe File, Analytics Dashboard, CRM, 30-60-90 Plan

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Marketer's Toolkit

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