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Break Into Marketing

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Take control of your job search: create a job hunt plan, build your professional profile and have an interview strategy.

Find clarity, confidence and the tools to turn your career dreams into a plan that will help you land your first job in marketing.

Break Into Marketing with a system that worked for me and thousands of others šŸš€

1. Create an intentional job search plan

Most people skip this step and then feel confused about why they are stuck with their job search. This module helps you figure out your career plan by understanding the marketing space and potential roles. You'll identify the right opportunities for you and have an action plan to move you forward.

2. Build your professional brand

This is the key to unlocking job interview opportunities, growing your professional network and standing out in job search. You'll have a stellar Linkedin profile, resume and cover letter by the end of this module.

3. Ace the interviews to secure job offers

The real work starts once you receive an interview invite. Unless you do your homework really well, it's easy to get lost in a pool of candidates. You will learn how to prepare for interviews strategically, which questions to ask and how to leave an impression with your confidence and intelligence.

Meet your Instructor šŸ‘‹šŸ¼

Hey, I'm Elif Hiz.

The start of my marketing career journey was challenging and lonely. I made it my mission to make it smoother and better for others.

After working with global B2B marketing agencies and tech companies for 7+ years, Iā€™ve built a marketing education brand to give you the resources and tools you need to land and succeed in your job.

Over the last 2 years, Iā€™ve:

  • Helped thousands of people land their first jobs in marketing
  • Reached 1mil+ people with content that helped them become better and smarter marketers
  • Taught marketing courses at higher education institutions
  • Mentored tens of students and young marketers through their first marketing jobs and internships and helped them build their personal brands online
  • Partnered with brands to bring the best resources and tools to support your work and job search

Now I'd like to help YOU land a job in marketing you'll love.

Testimonials from past students

"I came across Elif's content on Youtube in earlyĀ 2021, when I was looking for help and directionĀ on how to pursue this intimidating journey of undergoing a careerĀ change from supportĀ to marketing. There is not a lot of content out there about marketing or product marketing, as is there on product management. Presumably Elif's content is filling in that gap for aspiring marketers like me.

Hence, when Elif reached out to me personally for a 1:1 session about the "Break Into Marketing" courseĀ that she was launching, it was the right opportunity at the right time for me. I had just faced rejection while pursuing a internal careerĀ move to Marketing inside my company due to lack of experience, that had left me extremely distressedĀ and worriedĀ about whetherĀ I will ever be able to make this careerĀ change outside if I was not able to make it internally.

Elif is a great coach, motivatorĀ and guide to take you through your journey to become a marketer. She has been through the process and hence, possesses a good understanding of how to prepare one's tools and resources to progress through the journey.

Thank you Elif for the invaluable feedback and guidance.


Arjoyita Roy


"Elif's "Break Into Marketing" course is incredibly helpful, and I have learned so much. The workshops were informative, resourceful and encouraging, making me feel like no question was too silly to ask. Elif helps you gauge your skills and strengths and use them to your advantage to make you more competitive for marketing jobs. You also learn how to best present yourself in an online space to increase job opportunities, as well as getting your CV to be the best that it can be. Alongside tips and tricks on how to ace interviews and much more, I cannot express in words, just how much I got out of this course. I highly recommend "Break Into Marketing" to anyone who wants to get the best start possible and gain the confidence that they need to start their marketing career."

Angela Handfest

They achieved their goals. Time for you?

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šŸŒŸ Engaging learning experience & tangible results šŸŒŸ

3 pre-recorded workshops
Job interview prep crash course
Resume & Linkedin profile best practices & checklists
Resume & cover letter template
Follow-up email template to use post interviews
List of questions to ask in interviews
Job Interview Workbook to use for every interview
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Break Into Marketing

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